You rid yourself of up to 80% of your debt, if you choose to pay the benefit to your creditors over a period of 18 – 24 Months no interest is applicable over this period. This in itself is a major benefit to the insolvent.

All legal procedures instituted by your creditors will be stayed with the publication of your intention in the media. Judgments already obtained by your creditors against you will also be included in the sequestration. Garnishee orders obtained by your creditors will cease to be operational as soon as you present your employer with the High Court Order.

The Creditors may not receive or demand payment from the Insolvent and must submit their claims to the Curator. The Curator will have a discretion to acknowledge or refuse a creditors claim. The insolvent is not involved in the administration of the Insolvent Estate.

Harassment by creditors is minimized (if not eliminated) as they are referred to the sequestration Attorney or the Curator.

Your future income is protected through preventing creditors form attaching your remuneration via the garnishee process.

The opportunity to pay off the benefit to your creditors, over a period, interest free in monthly instalments, will have a positive effect on your monthly cash flow not even to mention the effect of wellbeing it will have on your psyche. no need for you appear in court yourself.


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