Insolvency Care is the spearhead company for a national panel of attorneys who specialise in sequestrations, rehabilitations, and company liquidations.

They have a combined wealth of experience and knowledge of over 100 years, and pride themselves on personal and expert service countrywide.

They are able to provide easily understandable and practical guidelines about sequestration, rehabilitation and company liquidations (apart from what you find on this website) in terms which you will understand, through a process you will be able to follow step by step.

Our experience in these matters makes the Insolvency Care Team particularly empathetic towards our clients’ day to day stress in dealing with unrelenting creditors.

Our attorneys are known to go beyond the call of duty to make sure that our clients’ matters are handled professionally, efficiently and always as a matter of urgency.

For more information or to talk to an Insolvency Practitioner in person:

  • Call our Head Office during office hours (08h00 to 17h00) on 073 071 3809 or
  • Send us a Whatsapp to 073 071 3809

There is no reason why you should continue to suffer under the burden of insurmountable debt.


Our head office is situated in Gauteng Centurion but we operate country wide in conjuction with our panel of attorneys and associates.  We are fully equipped to handle all applications regardless of where you reside.


Our attorneys are all veteran insolvency practitioners and with the wealth of experience between them are guaranteed to assist you with all the details required to bring a successful application.  Contact our head office in Gauteng Centurion to book a free consultation with any of our attorneys country wide.

They are standing by to attend to your application with this highest level of professionalism and integrity, making it their mission to both guide your successfully through your application process while ensuring that there are no hick-ups on the way to financial freedom.


Our Insolvency Practitioners are all highly trained and experienced individuals who works closely with our attorneys to ensure that your application is handled in the quickest most efficient manner.

Their goal is to provide you with all the necessary steps and information during the process of your application to ultimately ensure that your application is granted by the courts. They also form the main contact point between you and the process and is available to you throughout the process at no extra charge.


Insolvency Care is the spearhead
company for a national panel of
attorneys who specialise in
sequestrations, rehabilitations
and company liquidations.


Waterford Court, Block A, Unit 6
C/o Glover Avenue & Rabie Street
234 Glover Avenue, Hoewes